President, ASIRO Inc. Hiroto Nakayama

We are committed to achieving our medium-term management plan and striving to reach a revenue of 10 billion yen as swiftly as possible.

We are profoundly grateful for your continuous support. Since founding our company in 2009 and embarking on our web media business in 2012, we've been fortunate to experience continuous growth, listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market (now the Growth Market) in 2021, nearly a decade later. Both pre and post-listing, we have remained committed to business expansion. The driving force behind our growth, we believe, stems from our founding spirit; "have deep relationships with users and customers to make them happier than anyone else in the world" and " take our services to a deep level where they become part of the social infrastructure."

Since our founding spirit, putting our users and customers first and prioritizing the 'quality' of our services to ensure their satisfaction has led to widespread support and the growth we've achieved today. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in our employees, fostering a culture that focuses not on short-term figures, but on considering whether our actions align with the benefits and convenience of our customers and users.

"Now that we are publicly listed, we believe it is imperative to clearly communicate our aspirations to our shareholders. Hence, from the fiscal year ending October 2023, we have established our first medium-term management plan. We aim to achieve revenues of 5.5 billion yen and operating profits of 1.1 billion yen by the fiscal year ending October 2025. In addition to these targets outlined in our medium-term plan, we have set a long-term management goal of 'reaching 10 billion yen in revenue as quickly as possible.' The various measures we are implementing are not only for achieving the medium-term numerical targets, but also for accelerating our journey towards 10 billion yen in revenue."

Our mission is to sustainably grow our company. Holding original founding spirit, we are committed to fulfilling the expectations and responsibilities of our diverse stakeholders as a listed company. By providing societal value, and in pursuing our goal of "ASIRO will contribute to a better society by making the people involved with the company happier than anyone else.", we are steadily progressing towards the realization of our founding spirit.

President, ASIRO Inc.
Hiroto Nakayama