Services provided


Rather than ephemeral services,
we would like to create services that are
deeply and broadly loved for a long time.

The company’s name is derived from the name of a deep-sea fish found surviving at the deepest point of the world’s oceans(Abyssobrotula galatheae, or yomino ashiro in Japanese). We aim to create not only superficial services, but also services that can become the foundation and infrastructure for day-to-day life,based on our corporate philosophy of “ASIRO will contribute to a better society by making the people involved with the company happier than anyone else.”


  • Expert Search for Infidelity Investigation

    “Expert Search for Infidelity Investigation” provides everything you need to know about infidelity investigations. It is a site enabling consultation with infidelity investigation agencies with many years of experience.

  • Hotline for missing person Search

    “Hotline for missing person Search” is a consultation service for investigating runaways and the location of people for people searching for someone who has run away, has gone missing, has been separated, or is memorable. It is a comprehensive portal site for searching for people.


    “Carism”will help you find a career change agent perfect for you. It is a site enabling you to search for and apply to the perfect career change agent for you.




    A career change agent for attorneys. Professionals familiar with the legal industry provide a range of services spanning from job recruitment specializing in attorneys to strategic support for obtaining informal offers.

  • EXE

    A matching service for outside directors and part-time corporate auditors. It is able to refer executive personnel who fulfill criteria such as ensuring independence, concurrently serving in fewer than five companies, and ten or more years of experience.


    Owned media providing commentary on election and appointment of outside director and corporate auditor candidates.



  • BenNavi Attorney's Fee Insurance

    "BenNavi Attorney's Fee Insurance" is a small amount and short term Insurance to cover legal fees incurred when a case is delegated to a lawyer to resolve a legal problem.Among the legal consultation fee, retainer fee, remuneration, commission, daily allowance, etc.