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We aim to alleviate life's hardships by helping the resolution of problems stemming from legal troubles.

  • Expert Search for Infidelity Investigation

    “Expert Search for Infidelity Investigation” provides everything you need to know about infidelity investigations. It is a site enabling consultation with infidelity investigation agencies with many years of experience.

  • Hotline for missing person Search

    “Hotline for missing person Search” is a consultation service for investigating runaways and the location of people for people searching for someone who has run away, has gone missing, has been separated, or is memorable. It is a comprehensive portal site for searching for people.

  • Carism

    “Carism”will help you find a career change agent perfect for you. It is a site enabling you to search for and apply to the perfect career change agent for you.

  • Bikkore

    "Bikkore" is a point site where you can earn points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin by fulfilling the conditions of each affiliate program.


    "IE PORT" is a information site for people considering the sale of real estate or use of land. It provides explanations of difficult and complex information on real estate in a format that is as easy to understand as possible.


    "CAREER UP STAGE" is a satellite site to help attract users to CARISM and find the right career change agent that suits you. This is an information site for those who want to change jobs and advance their careers, or for those who have job-related problems.